Liste de prix: Plongeur

Tarifs valables jusqu'au 31.10.2020

Propre équipement - plongée livre seulement avec réservoir et poids:
- Réservoir standard 12l, valve INT (adaptateur DIN-à-INT disponible, avantage d'avoir le sien :)
- Poids durs: 0,5kg | 0,75kg | 1kg | 2kg en quantité suffisante disponible

L'equipment standard inclusive: Stab, Detendeur. Gratuit: Combi Courte, Palmes, Masque, Tuba.

L'equipment complet inclusive: Stab, Detendeur, Combi Longue, Ordinateur de Plongee. Gratuit: Palmes, Masque, Tuba.

Nitrox (32%) est disponible pour les plongeurs certifiés Nitrox, supplément de 6€/plongée. S'il vous plaît montrer votre carte de certification au centre de plongée.


Pricelist for diver - including pre-paid-booking prices:


Package dives only include normal distance boat trips and tanks with Normal Air (21% Oxygen, no Nitrox!).
For add-on prices see below.

Dives Pricelist BBD

Des coûts supplémentaires

Long and extra long distance boat trip & day trips can only be made when sea conditions are favorable. In general, sea conditions are good enough for long distance boat trips.
> See 'Dive Sites': boat trip distances are marked in blue = normal, green = long, red = extra long, this is related to the costs in Price List:Diver.

All package rates are to dive sites with normal distance boat trips and with Normal Air cylinders (no Nitrox).

Night dives, long distance & extra long distance boat dives as well as day trips can only be booked at the destination, taking in account the divers abilities are applicable, as well as the weather and sea conditions and we also taking in account the requests of our divers.

Pre-Paid-Booking of Diving Packages

Pre-paid-booked diving packages are available at 10% off the above shop rates. Pre-paid-bookings should be made by eMail to us or with our reservation form and paid via wire transfer onto our account. We will supply you with an invoice and payment information as soon as we have your request or reservation. Upon receipt of payment you will be issued a voucher and receipt.

The voucher is to be handed over by the diver upon arrival at our dive center.

Please book only diving packages in practical sizes. It is always possible to book additional dives on-site with the same terms & conditions you got online. Vouchers or parts thereof, which are not used by the diver, will only be refunded due to medical reasons confirmed by a doctor or the inability of our company to deliver the service purchased by the diver or due to reasons of force majeure (weather, sea conditions, natural disasters, etc ...).

Add-ons Pricelist BBD