Join the Big Blue Divers Team!

From time to time we look for new staff to join our team here. Also we have regularily the possibility for Divemaster Courses. In the Divemaster Course you are member of our team and part of the crew - but it is not a job.

If you are interested to work with us or to be a Divemaster Student with us please contact contact Elizabeth.

It is an advantage if you master one or more foreign languages​​, English is required!

Divemaster Course — go Pro! - - This is a course — not a job! - -

Divemaster Course & training to go professional:
The PADI Divemaster Course is the professional entry level course and extends beyond accident management and prevention scenarios of the Rescue Diver Course to supervisory situations with student divers and certified divers. As the PADI Divemaster training takes longer than 14 days, this course is predominantly offered on an 8 and 12 weeks Divemaster Course-Internship. Regularly we start Course-Internships in February and in September, however we can set also individual start dates.

Any of the Divemaster Courses includes the Divemaster Crew Pack (consisting of Divemaster Manual, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, Instructor Manual, Divemaster slates, DSD program slate, Scuba tune-up workbook, DM Decal & application forms) and the accommodation in a house shared with the other Divemaster students.

The program starts with the Divemaster Course theory followed by 5 practical and diver skills workshops and 5 practical skills workshops, normally followed then by a fews weeks practical training period (depending on the duration of your Course-Internship) with lots of dives, in which you collaborate as a team member, deepen the varied tasks and practical skills of a Divemaster - during the last 1 to 2 weeks the course is finalized by final theory exams and the practical exams with lots of dives.

Costs and Course prices are listed in our Price List:Courses - there is also the list as PDF-download.

The following positions as a professional we offer at Big Blue Divers:

Currently we have no vacancies!

There is much more information regarding the different positions, work schedules, contract length, how many colleagues you would have, free time, activities besides work and others, so please email Elizabeth and she will forward you more detailed information.