Therese Island - November 2012

by BBD Administrator

Therese Island - November 2012: full-day-trip

Amorous Batfish
Amorous Batfish

Today we had a full-day-trip to Therese Island. Blue, blue sky and the sea almost flat and calm. The first dive was at Conception Rock: visibility was 15-20m - obviously a lot plankton in the water, but we saw beside all the other nice things - Giant Clams, Corals, Anemone Fish, Surgeon Fish - a huge Honeycomb Whipray at the ground in the sand at 20m depth and two Hawksbill Turtles cruising around. After the dive we had the BBQ at the beach of Therese Island - like always very yummy and relaxing!

At Therese Corner we did the second dive and this dive hold a droll surprise for us - an amorous Batfish! This little cute fellow came very close and accompanied us the hole dive - apparently he felt in love with the yellow fins of the divers and was alternately behind one of us - to be honest I had hardly no eyes then anymore for anything else than the Batfish. The drolly follower came so close - I could made extraordinay pictures.



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