Grand Barbe & Lascars - March 2011

by Elizabeth Fideria

Grand Barbe & Lascarse - March 2011

Clear Fin Lionfish
Clear Fin Lionfish

Our first dive was at Grand Barbe where we had excellent visibility and very little current. There were many Lionfish, a big Giant Moray, many Lobsters, a Marbled Stingray and two Eagle Rays around the beautiful encrusted rocks at the corner. Two small barracudas and many sweetlips were also there as well as some Humphead Parrotfish and some juvenile Saddleback Groupers.

Also at Lascars we had good visibility and little current. The dive site has little coral growth but a beautiful granite landscape full of fish. There was a White Tip Reef Shark in the distance, a Marbled Stingray and 2 Hawksbill Turtles. Under rocks are spots where Lobsters are gathering by the dozens and Big Saddleback Groupers like to hang out there as well as the Black Snappers and some Batfish.


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