Chuckles - Nov 2011

by Elizabeth Fideria

Chuckles - Nov 2011: lot's of stuff

Chuckles' Leaf Fish
Chuckles' Leaf Fish

We had good visibility and saw lot's of stuff during the dives we made here. There were several Black Spotted Stingrays, Hawksbill Turtles, a real Giant Grouper, it must have been close to 2m long, Leaf Fishes, Napoleon Wrasses, Eagle Rays, Several kinds of Moray Eels, Schooling Fusiliers, Seychelles Anemonefish and all the usual reef fishes ...

.. and then at the end of the dive I saw this huge PATTERNED EAGLE RAY. It had a massive head and very strange I could not see the eyes, it seemed to have just dark spots and I was so close that I could touch it if I wanted. I have seen a Patterned Eagle Ray before but never so close and long. The ray stayed around and swam a full circle before it suddenly shot off like a bullet. But before it did so, I swam beside and above here and gosh it was so big, from wingtip to wingtip I guess it must have been 5 meters and it had a tail which we guess was 5m long as well.

Yes, we really made some great dives here.


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