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Geographical position
The Seychelles belong topographically to Africa, layed on the north-western part of the Maskarene plateau, an submarine ridge in the west part of the Indian Ocean. South-western of the Seychelles are the islands Madagaskar and the Comoros in front of the eastafrican coast, south-eastern are the islands Mauritius and Réunion. The Seychelles are located 1600km (994mi) east of Kenya.
The Republic of Seychelles is an island country spanning an archipelago of ca. 115 islands in the Indian Ocean upto 42 granite islands and about 73 coral islands - according to their position the islands are divided in the two main groups Inner Islands and Outer Islands.

- Timezone: UTC+4h (MEZ+3h)
- Capital: Vicoria, layed on the northeast coast of Mahé and the only town of the Seychelles islands
- Coordinates of Victoria: 4°37′ S | 55°27′ E

Airlines to Seychelles International Airport Victoria/Mahé (SEZ)
Air Seychelles, Air France, Blue Panorama, Condor, Air Berlin, Emirates, Ethihad, Air Austral, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways ...

The Seychelles have a very pleasant tropical climate throughout the year. Temperatures are rarely above 30°C. Rainfall is highest from October to February but showers seldom last long.

Wind is strongest and cooler from June to September when the wind comes from the south-east. Seas are then rough, except for the northern part of the island where our dive center and many of our dive sites are situated. The generally weaker and warm North-West winds are blowing from October until the end of April.

Seawater temperature ranges from 25 to 26°C during the months of June until September and 27 to 29°C from October until the end of May.

The visibility underwater is generally best from October until the end of May. The meteorological chart below shows the averages based on the years from 1992 to 2016 on record and has been provided by the Seychelles Meteorological Authority.

Meteorological Chart

month rain
in mm
in %
cloud cvg
in %
in °C
in °C
wind speed
January 413.1 82.2 5.1 72 27.1 28 11  ⇒W to NW
February 260.3 80.2 6.2 69 27.7 29 12  ⇒W to NW
March 213.9 79.7 6.9 60 28.1 29 10  ⇒W to NW
April 194.2 78.9 8.0 54 28.4 29  9  ⇔SE-NW
May 157.3 78.3 8.2 61 28.2 29 14  ⇐SE
June 126.8 78.8 7.4 70 27.0 26 19  ⇐SE
July 71.6 79.1 7.7 71 26.3 26 20  ⇐SE
August 122.1 78.9 7.6 72 26.3 26 22  ⇐SE
September 190.4 79.1 7.0 70 26.8 27 21  ⇐SE
October 198.2 78.6 7.2 62 27.2 27 15  ⇔SE-NW
November 202.8 79.3 6.8 60 27.3 28 10  ⇒W to NW
December 298.8 80.9 5.8 64 27.3 28 10  ⇒W to NW

source: statistical climate averages (1992-2016) with the courtesy of the Seychelles Meteorological Authority |

Recompression Chamber
Silouette island is home to a recompression chamber, with an permanently on-site hyperbaric medical physician from Europe. The chamber staff are always on stand by, serving not only the local resorts, but also the numerous liveaboard/safari boats that venture up into the Seychelles inner islands. Silhouette island is reached by a 45-minute boat excursion or 15–minute helicopter transfer from the International Airport in Victoria/Mahé.

Diving insurance
As diver is it important that you arrange your own suitable diving insurance. Diving is declared as a 'higher risk sport' and the costs due to a diving accident like emergency-transport, recovery and deco-chamber may not be covered from the usual insurances. There are several organisations (DAN, aqua med, VDST ..) that offer assistance & insurance for divers. Also some diving clubs/associations offer a group insurance for their members. Please look in your country for an organisation with an adequate insurance policy, because most memberships are determinded by country of residence.

Activities for non-divers
Your non-diving friends and family can come along to the dive sites around the coast (provided that there are seats available on board) and enjoy the fantastic views Mahe offers or snorkel on the reefs and around the rocks. There are plenty of fish, but also Sea Turtles Stingrays and Eagle Rays to be seen.

We can look after your Children at the dive center while you are diving. During daytrips, you may take your children with you. We have one life-jacket available for a 2-4 year old child.

Children of 8 to 10 years old can discover scuba diving with the new PADI Bubble Makers Program and join the Seal Team. See the Courses page for more detailed information. Children of 10 years old can participate in the PADI Scuba Diver and PADI Open Water Diver Course to obtain the internationally recognized Junior Diving Certificate and Kids of 12 years older can participate in the Adventure Diver Course and Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

More information

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